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In todays world of tough competition, every one is trying to achieve maximum output with minimum possible inputs, with ref to cost and time.And there the need of management skill is very much required, in every walk of life.

Conventionally in Industry, MBA graduates were appointed, but now in education, health services, Hospitals, Banking, Co-operatives, Agriculture and Trade, Public Utility service like Telephone, Electricity Boards, Public Distribution System Retails outlet and even in every individual life Management has became need of the time.

Survival of the fittest, best will survive, perfect Management can only give best.With fastly changing life pattern the gap between urban and rural is increasing fastly No one can afford to widen this dangerous gap so the student from rural area also should be able to face the contest and win the competition along with urban youth. With increasing need of management and quality education, with cost, that common man can afford is the intention of our trust while opening the MBA institute.

India is going through very interesting and challenging times both economically and socially. This gives us at Foster Development School of Management a vantage point that is most exciting for any researcher today - new assumptions, new questions, new theoretical constructs to explain many phenomena. While others study social entrepreneurship, it is our everyday context. While the world talks of sustainability, it is the bedrock of our inclusive development. India is creating its own new grounds of global learning and practice out of its own diversity, complexity and philosophy. India's engagement with the world is dynamic and constantly evolving.


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Admission open for 2017-18.


Creating generation of youth, full of confidence, vigour energy emmense love for the nation, with will to castribute for the society, to fill the gap between the poor and rich, rural and urban.