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Industrial Visit

Industrial Visit

“As per the Academic Syllabus,Dr.Babasaheb Ambedkar Marathewad University,Aurangabad. Industrial visit is a vital part of the curriculum. It helps to bridge the gap between classroom and the real working world. The visit also provides first-hand knowledge about the organizational structures and modes of operation in different industries.”

FDSM organizes Industrial Visits for MBA students – twice in a year for both the batches of MBA i.e. first year & second year respectively..

Every year we have one Industrial Visit for Long Tour & more than twice Industrial Visit for Aurangabad based MNC Companies in a year..

Industrial Visits provide an excellent opportunity to students to interact with the Industry and know about Industrial Environment. Industrial visits are arranged with an objective of giving the students functional exposure in different Industrial sectors – IT, Manufacturing and Services, Finance, HRM, and Marketing. We knew Industrial Visit helps in combining the academic knowledge with practical experience.

#Industrial Exposure :-

Industry visits sensitize students to the practical challenges that organizations face in the business world. Industrial visits also give greater clarity about various management concepts for students as they can practically see how these concepts are put into action.

# Aims & Objectives :-

  • To aid Faculties in the delivery of the Dr.Babasaheb Ambedkar Marathwada University curriculum.
  • To help students fulfill certain curriculum requirements.
  • To provide a unique opportunity for management buddies to gain an insight into a working environment related to a subject area.
  • To help management trainies develop their communication and inter-personal skills in the context of work.
  • To help businesses promote their line of work.

# Description of Activity :-

 Every activity the students engage in should be broken down into distinct phases:
1. Plan Set goals and prepare as to achieve these goals. 
2. Experience Experience the activity itself. 
3. Debriefing Reflect on the experience and report.
4. Evaluate Analyse and Draw Conclusions. 
5. Record Complete a report/presentation/video.

These visits consist of plant observations and discussions with the staff in various departments of the organization.