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Seminar & Workshop


The Seminar on Course Design examines the foundational concepts in teaching and learning and how to apply these ideas in a course plan that will support student learning and provide evidence of student learning. During the seminar, participants will create a plan for learning in the course, explaining to the other participants how this learning is linked to the final graded project, regardless of whether the course is their own or one institutionally prescribed. They will also begin to analyze their teaching goals and consider how to align those goals with student, program and/or institutional needs.


This workshop is designed to help graduate students sort through the huge range of institutional choices available to them in the education system of higher education and begin to make choices among them relative to their own professional and personal aspirations. Secondly, it will help participants assess the skills and knowledge required by each type of institution, and identifies University resources for acquiring them. You should walk away from this workshop with a clear plan and timeline for preparing in a way that suits your schedule.

A Good seminar or workshop will be constructed in such a way to provide the best learning curve to meet a combination of learning styles adequately in a timely fashion. However, you should always inquire beforehand how the class is actually planned out accounting to the percentage of lecture, demonstrations, and hands-on work being presented so you can prepare to get the best possible benefit from the experience. This will help you decide if it meets your dominant style of learning.