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Welcome to Foster Development School of Management

Founded in 1988 by group of Eminent Educationist, Sociel workers, Politicans and Faculties from the field. The Foster Development School of Managem aims to prepare globally competitive Managem professionals with strong moral, personal and social values and whose training and management skills are grounded on appropriate and advanced concepts and principles. It further aims to:

*  Providing HEALTH SERVICES and facilities in rural areas, to run medicals colleges and hospitals, Promoting national cause of family planning, providing expert services in different fields of Medical sciences at rural as well as carban areas.

*  Providing quality primany EDUCATION in remote rural areas and to reduce the gap between rural and urban Education facilities in the feeld of Education.

*  Collecting grants from Govt. and Non Govt. Organisations and Utilising them for weaker section of society like handicapped, Helpless feeble people, Opeing hostels for working women, senior and aged People.

*  Providing financial assistance to hardwarking needy scholar Student by offering Schlolarships and Free Ships.

*  Field of ENVIROUNMENT oprating nursaries, Promiting forest cutivation, Developing Gardens Developing Barron Lands.

January 2020

Learning at Foster We take pride serving our students safely

Financial Management

Human resource management

Marketing Management

Production & Operation Management

Information Technology Management

Bhausaheb Rasale Sir

Conventionally in Industry, MBA graduates were appointed, but now in education, health services, Hospitals, Banking, Co-operatives, Agriculture and Trade, Public Utility service like Telephone, Electricity Boards, Public Distribution System Retails outlet and even in every individual life Management has became need of the time.

Bhausaheb Rasale Sir

Mr. Dwarkababu Pathrikar

In todays world of tough competition, every one is trying to achieve maximum output with minimum possible inputs, with ref to cost and time.And there the need of management skill is very much required, in every walk of life.

Mr. Dwarkababu Pathrikar